So once in a while we all need a make-over: new hairstyle, different type of shoes or changing your morning routine or workout session. The make-over business is booming all around the world. Gyms and personal trainers are busier than ever, food consultants, detox methods and new types of diets pop up everywhere. Do we have an unusual search for changing ourselves, for new things for a make-over? Or is this part of human nature?

The Covid-19 pandemic stopped life as we knew it in many ways. We couldn’t move around as we were used to, seeing colleagues or bringing your children to school wasn’t possible anymore. This drastic stop in life, made many look into the mirror and (re-)evaluate the way they’ve been living life. Over the weeks, I heard several longing to things to go back to the way it was. Others were filled with passion for change, a new way of living. Another group started debating what the ‘new normal’ would/could look like and how that might affect their lives. As frightening as the spread of the virus was or even still is, I saw many using this season as a chance for a make-over. More sport, different rhythm at home with family, different dreams to chase after. I too wander what the new normal could like and how that might affect me, but then again, I moved to France just before the pandemic locked the world down. So maybe, my make-over already started before the lock-down made me look in the mirror and reflect. 

Can you look at this season not only as a scary time, but also as an opportunity to reflect? Is there a new normal for you, and if so, what does that look like? For me, my desire to spend time in nature has been emphasised during this season. I want to prioritise it more. I am not quite sure yet how to do that while living in a buzzing French metropole, but I am determined to find a way.

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